Mass-produced, standard drinking glasses are transformed into trophies. This commission was framed by an international event in association with Droog Design for Lille 2004 (Cultural Capital of Europe).

Series 1: two standard drinking glasses have been ground off in such a way that they precisely fit together in various ways.

Series 2: common drinking glasses from Arc’s collection hang in cylindrical vases, melted together on top. The creative intervention is kept to a minimum, like writing a poem by rearranging the words of the company’s accounting books.


Various sizes, max. L 228 mm, diameter 130 mm

Crystal glass

Droog Design for Arc International, Lille 2004, Cultural Capital of Europe

Produced by
Arc International

Unique pieces
Two series Trophies (5 and 7 unique pieces)

Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, France

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