Trick glasses were historically designed in extraordinary shapes to be as difficult as possible to drink from without spilling the content. Popular at the end of the 16th century, they were used as icebreaker at social gatherings with great enjoyment. For the exhibition at the National Glass Museum Leerdam, the museum owns the most comprehensive collection of this genre, we designed a collection of drinking vessels with delicate but robust tactile qualities to make everyday feel special.

The series of glasses are designed in elegant trapezoid shapes and come with a trick. The reference is the trompe-I’oeil glass, one of the types of historical trick glasses. Through a QR code and an iphone or ipad, one can use the glass to project holograms of mythical creatures floating in the water. The optical illusion of water bears, sea monkeys, or copepods floating in one’s glass will surely elevate the experience of drinking.

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