Studio Wieki Somers partnered with Hermès to design the window displays for multiple stores in Europe. The theme ‘House of Play’ questions the dynamical and interactive world of playing together.In order to encapsulate the world of playing a deep method of research was to include all aspects of playing from physical to emotional engagement, they ended in narrowing these elements down to the display design of the Track.

The metal rods that where used to form old marble tracks has been translated into dazzling graphics that surround the track in each window creating a spatial effect, almost as if the 8 tracks flow in the shop. The choice of a monochromatic setting enables the Hermès products to stand out as characters out of a fantasy world.

Each window display illustrates a sense of excitement as if to ask: what is going to happen when the balls start rolling?

Dibond, metal, leather balls


Shown in
Hermès stores of Amsterdam, Oslo, Brussels, Knokke, Antwerp, Luxembourg and Copenhagen

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