To Studio Wieki Somers, the research that precedes the design is more important than a recognizable idiom or individual style. The work is connected by a free, open-minded, probing approach to research rather than immutable design principles. The fascinations that lie at the basis of their design research do frequently recur: a magical reality, the protagonist, strange combinations, the past and repairable nature. The studio commissioned photographer Elspeth Diederix to capture these fascinations for their ten year anniversary.

This image (not photoshopped) is called ‘Reflection’, a mirror photographed by Elspeth in the sea. It is available in a limited edition at Studio Wieki Somers.

40 x 35 cm

Elspeth Diederix

Limited edition

Commissioned by 
Studio Wieki Somers

Stigter van Doesburg

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