The studio designed Outbox for neurobiologist Professor Dick Swaab’s ‘Uitburgeringscursus’, which is a play on the so-called ‘Inburgeringscursus’, the Dutch term that refers to the naturalisation course any newcomer needs to follow before he’s accepted as a citizen. In his bestselling book ‘Wij zijn ons brein’ (We Are Our Brain) and a recent television broadcast in which he introduced Outbox, Swaab cautions people to think more carefully about what will happen when they die, because ‘a good life deserves a good death’. Outbox is designed to store valuable documents and items that are important in the planning of our burial and other matters related to our death.


Box; L 245, W 245, H 245 mm. Key: L 80, W 15, H 43 mm
Mirror and stainless steel

Dr. D. Swaab

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