In the context of the summer exhibition ‘Gerrit Rietveld – The Revolution of Space’, during Art Basel, a special exhibition opened at the Vitra Design Museum: Confrontations. This show was dedicated to a number of innovative Dutch designers whose experimental methods are similar to Rietveld's. The designers were invited to collaborate with a partner from the region. The spectrum of partners ranged from the molecular biology laboratory of the firm Roche to the only female charcoal maker in Switzerland.

Studio Wieki Somers teamed up with chocolatier Rafael Mutter to create the Chocolate Mill, a large cylindrical block of chocolate from which delicate rosettes could be shaved off with a crankturned blade. Various patterns were integrated into the block using different types of chocolate, creating a flipbook effect as the layers were scraped off.

During the performance, Studio Wieki Somers and the chocolatier prepared chilled drinks for visitors using the chocolate rosettes. Small chocolate mills are being produced, including special chocolate for refilling.

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